6 Day Integrative Psilocybin Retreat in the Netherlands

Ceremony for Kiyumi Psychedelic Retreats

04-03-2023 12:30 to 04-08-2023 11:30

  @ Amszterdam, Hollandia

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Created by  Orsolya Fehér  5 months ago

Our retreats facilitate legal, powerful and connective psychedelic processes that deeply explore mind, body and spirit. Our program encompasses an in-depth process from preparation to integration and includes several holistic practices and workshops, such as yoga, free dance, somatic voice/sound work, mindfulness and other contemplative and embodiment disciplines.
We host our retreats in close-to-nature retreat centers, located within a two-hour drive from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where psilocybin truffles are legal.
The retreat is facilitated in small groups of up to 15 people to ensure an intimate and secure experience, with a ratio of one facilitator for every four participants. Meals are prepared by our body-conscious chefs and are specially designed to be delicious, nutritious and supportive of the psilocybin ceremonies.
This retreat is open to all healthy individuals who are interested in exploring themselves in a psychedelic self-development context.
Our Philosophy We are a transdisciplinary team of experienced guides from many different backgrounds, sharing a vision of creating an accessible and inclusive space, sensitive towards gender and identity diversity.
We combine traditional and contemporary approaches, along with a deep focus on creative and somatic practices, where both seasoned explorers and new initiates from different walks of life can experience the potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness, self-inquiry and personal growth.
Investment Reduced Price 2500€ (limited spots available) Regular Price 2900€ (5% of the Regular ticket income supports the Kiyumí Equity Fund) Supporter Price 3300€ (10% of the Supporter ticket income support the Kiyumí Equity Fund)
Additional costs: Psilocybin Truffles (2 x 2 packages) 80€
Group taxi transfer to/from retreat center (optional) 75€

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