Psychedelic Career Day: chart your course

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03-03-2018 13:00 to 03-03-2018 15:30

 Online @ Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Created by  Tim Psy Ex  5 years ago

Many psychonauts are interested in studying psychedelics in academia, but since there isn’t a well-defined path tread by multitudes of other students, deciding how to go about it can be quite a challenge. There are certainly success stories of people who have made a career for themselves out of working in the field of psychedelics, but they seem to be few and far between. It's like explorers in days of old setting off in search of unknown coast lines.
Fortunately, it does seem like academia is gradually warming up to the idea of psychedelia as a legitimate field of study. Since there aren’t a whole lot of tried-and-tested guides out there geared toward helping potential psychedelic scholars navigate collegiate careers, we have created a panel of experts from Europe, UK, USA, and Canada who will help light your way to a psychedelic career. You’ll learn how our panelists made careers for themselves in areas like communications, clinical research, community organizing, psychotherapy, education, entrepreneurship, and psychiatry. A 1 1/2 hour Q&A will ensure that everyone will have an opportunity to query our panel. Participate anywhere you use Zoom.
To learn more about psychedelic careers, read David Wilder’s post: Continuing Further Education with Psychedelics. Check out the full story at htp://
Endorsed by SSDP, @Psychedelicjobs, Think Wilder. Psychedelics Today, CSSDP UofT, Psychedelic Speakers,
Keynote address: Dr. Ben Sessa
Panelists: David Wilder (United States) Rita Kočárová (Czech Republic) Anne Wagner (Canada) Trevor Millar (Canada) Alison McMahon (Canada)

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