Chiron Learning Academy retreat in Kaslo British Columbia

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07-27-2021 20:16 to 08-03-2021 16:30

  @ 5278 Amundsen Rd, Kaslo, BC V0G 1M0, Canada

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Created by  Bradley Foster  2 years ago

We will be holding a psychedelic integration retreat at the stunning Sentinel in Kaslo, B.C. July 27 - August 3, 2021.
Our retreats are augmented by an extensive web-based program, led by Melania Lumezanu and Bradley Foster, they are intended for participants interested in learning how to conduct successful psychedelic therapeutic treatments. In our first level retreat participants will be taken through the entire process — from consultation, intake, set and setting, treatment, to integration, and follow-up.  We are looking for a diverse group of wounded healers who have had their own experiences, and feel called to work in this emerging area.
This experiential, hands-on workshop will train you in the arts of psychedelic therapy as developed by Bradley and Melania. Our protocol has been refined over several years and several hundred treatments. The program includes 90 hours of online training that deals with the nuts and bolts of running a practice, including ethics, theory, treatment modalities, trauma awareness, working with co-therapists, holding ceremonies, and integration. This extensive online work is complemented by a six-day workshop that will provide hands-on experience in sitting and being witnessed, while learning about somatic/energy work and therapeutic interventions, integration, intention setting, and treatment modalities.
The course is a prerequisite for our first level workshop and it is included in the cost of the workshop. You can also take the online course as a stand alone learning experience for $500. Learn more about the course by clicking on Courses tab. To register for the course, please contact us at

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