3rd Open Meeting

Community for Lisbon Psychedelic Society

09-08-2019 14:00 to 09-08-2019 17:00

 Lisbon - place to be announced @

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Created by  Lisbon Psychedelic Society  4 years ago

"Find the Others" was a motto of Timothy Leary and was also one of the inspirations for the creation of Lisbon Psychedelic Society. The importance of community and connection will be the theme of this meeting and what we can do to end stigma, bring debate and provide a better understanding of these substances.
What we have in common, what kind of community can be built, and how to make differences into allies within the group, and with diversity to lay the foundations of psychedelic thinking. Join us in this conversation next September 8th (Sunday) at a venue to be announced. We count on you. ♥♥♥
***These meetings can be audio recorded for content creation purposes, which will only be used with the permission of the speakers.

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