Traditional Bwiti ​Iboga Immersion Retreat

Ceremony for 1kara Retreat Centre

10-18-2022 02:00 to 10-21-2022 15:45

  @ Portalón, Provincia de Puntarenas, Savegre, Costa Rica

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Created by  Ikara Iboga Retreat Centre  8 months ago

When seeking an Iboga Retreat, seek a place where your identity can become. The identity for an Iboga retreat Centre is an individualised idea, and the offering is one of encouragement towards the individual's identity. Do not give your individual vision away and become awash in the offerings that can be collectively reiterated in popular culture today. Become yourself through Iboga. Identity is about you. Seek your identity. The mechanics are far deeper than they seem.
Iboga's purpose is to show us how to live. We do not go to be with Iboga and have Iboga fix or repair damage that we have created ourselves without doing the work upon the self. Iboga's gift is the work. Iboga is a showing of what we are, what we have been and have not seen that we have been. Iboga is a perception, it is an attitude learnt of spirit, a becoming of self through connection to our soul that facilitates our reorientation of our existence so we can work on self, go through and travel through self, to do the work of clearing that which ails us. It gives us our attitude and perception of truth to work on letting go of resistance, control and conflicting thought. We learn that reality in totality is thought creation. That we create with thought and choose our conscious thought to manifest our physical experience. The work is learning the art of self, learning that we are free of the illusion of doubt, fear, greed, anger and pain when we relinquish our attempts to control and we let soul through God deliver our experience. Iboga shows that once we are connected to soul we direct the minds activity, for we are only in distress when the mind is in control and holds contrary thought of what one wants and what one is not getting. We learn by letting go of control that this contradiction dissolves and our relinquishing allows us to become free in truth. Iboga is a dimension of God.
Iboga changes lives. People who have exhausted all other avenues of help finally make the change they had been seeking all along, with Iboga.

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