Beyond Psychedelics 2018: "Current Challenges and Future Prospects"

Conference for Beyond Psychedelics

06-21-2018 12:00 to 01-24-2018 18:00

 TBD @ Praag, Tsjechië

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Created by  Tim Psy Ex  5 years ago

Beyond Psychedelics 2018 is a global multidisciplinary conference on psychedelics, alternative states of consciousness and related technology that will take place on the 21-24th of June, 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic. The program will be offering three days of presentations, workshops and discussions. All of this accompanies a rich self-experience and cultural program, including: morning yoga, sound bathing, virtual reality, cacao and rapé ceremonies, concerts, performances, art, and more. We will conduct a ritual celebration of the Midsummer Night, on June 24th, to close the event.
Beyond Psychedelics will be a part of the Prague Psychedelic Week 2018, not to be missed by anyone interested in the topic of psychedelic science.
Confirmed speakers: Rick Doblin, William Richards, Amanda Feilding, Ede Frecska, Jiří Horáček, Friederike Meckel Fischer, Torsten Passie, Matthew Johnson, Tomáš Páleníček, Petr Winkler, Petra Bokor, Martin A. Lee, Jonathan Hobbs, Juraj Styk, Sonja Styk, Peter Sjostedt H, Julian Vayne, Nikki Wyrd, Danny Nemu, Patrick Kroupa, and many more TBA.
From science to spirituality, from research to practice, from tradition to modernity, from individual to global.
“We want to discuss the potential of psychedelics, alternative states of consciousness and technologies in the current social climate. We want to review current challenges and risks, explore the basis of safe use and sensible integration, and create new synergies. We want to go beyond."
The call for abstracts is open until 15th of March. Submit your proposal.

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