Traditional Bwiti Iboga Immersion Retreat Sao Miguel Azores Portugal

Ceremony for 1kara Retreat Centre

05-13-2022 23:00 to 05-17-2022 09:00

  @ São Miguel Island, Portugal

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Created by  Ikara Iboga Retreat Centre  10 months ago

Bwiti Canada and Ikara Retreat Centre bring their Iboga Healing Retreats (usually held in Costa Rica and Canada) to Portugal this May.
Iboga is a spirit that connect you directly to your soul. Other plants provide transpersonal experiences that show you that other realities exist. Iboga, being a root, takes you inward so that you can learn to live in this physical reality with joy and spontaneity, through a direct connection to your soul. Iboga is not a medicine but it can heal all physical, emotional and spiritual maladies. This is because we live in heaven on earth where thoughts create our experience, Iboga shows you this. It is intense but when used in a true traditional context, it allows you to heal yourself. It is a powerful tool for spiritual advancement but again, you will need to do the work to achieve this.
Engage your soul with a true Iboga Immersion Retreat. This 5 day 4 night experience follows African teachings with strong ancestral lineage. We come to Iboga to heal and this condensed experience that keeps our grouping together, follows the traditional way of administering iboga utilised in initiation in Africa.
This is all about the work, the truth, bridging the gap between soul and self without the distractions of the outside world. The waterfalls, beaches and activities can wait, these will happen and happen in new brilliance once you have immersed and met the soul to bring about the ultimate resolution. These are for the end of our retreat.
Makonza is a journeyman of Bwiti teaching and of the highest caliber both here and in Gabon. His tutelage is years in the making and his lifelong dedication to the art of Iboga and Bwiti teaching is unparalleled in the west. The spiritual strength of the Black Panther lineage is accessible through his spiritual connection and ensures the strongest of protection for all those seeking freedom and emancipation from the illusion of Dis ease.
Luis has completed the following rites and initiations in Africa and is the highest trained Nganga in the West – Muiri ( Men’s Rites), Ngoyi (Female Rites). Edicka (2) (Le Ngondey), Moumeney (Le Ngondey), Mudaki ( Le Mangonga), Sombi (Le Ngondey), Mougnimbi (Le Ngondey), Na Kombo (Le Ngondey), Kombi Na Missingui ( Le Mangonga), Nzegho (Black Panther)
Iboga knows of no discrimination in its healing capacity and Makonza´s conductivity of spirit and Iboga has alleviated hundreds of souls on their journey to realise the truth within all.
You come to Iboga for another chance, for redemption of self. It awaits and we feel more than ever that our immersion experience is the most accurate way of experiencing the self in its communication with the soul.
We do not sell pretty images and ideas, this is not what you need. Healing by speaking with our souls is what we need and this exists through strong spirit, protection and guidance. Join us in becoming yourself.
We are currently offering Iboga Retreats in Costa Rica, Azores, Portugal, Canada (B.C., Ontario) and New Zealand.

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