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PEX#11 – Manoj Doss – Revealing Challenges in Psychedelic Science

Written by Tim Cools

In this week’s podcast Tim Cools speaks with Manoj Doss, cognitive neuropsychopharmacologist, about the challenges in psychedelic science, and debunking central concepts in the psychedelic narrative.

  • Manoj’s Background
  • Limitations of Psychedelic Science and Theory
  • The Challenges of Translating Scientific Findings into Scientific Theory
  • Understanding the Differences and Similarities Between the ‘Mind’ and the ‘Brain’
  • Debunking Neuroscientific Myths (example: The Default Mode Network and the ‘Resting State’)
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Concepts in science (e.g. proprioception, face processing, cognitive flexibility, memory…)
  • Understanding Behavior and Perception Under the Influence of Psychedelics

About Manoj Doss

Manoj is a cognitive neuropsychopharmacologist at the Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research at Johns Hopkins University. His research is at the intersection of cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychopharmacology with focuses on episodic memory and hallucinogenic drugs. Manoj utilizes complex cognitive paradigms, brain imaging, and computational modelling to explore what makes psychedelics unique compared to other classes of psychoactive drugs in terms of their basic and clinical mechanisms of action. Although Manoj is optimistic that psychedelics will soon have a place in psychiatry, he remains cautious of exaggerated claims and negligence to potential downsides.


About Tim Cools

Tim is a psychedelic integration specialist and legal psychedelic guide. He facilitates powerful, life-changing experiences for professionals, to help their professional lives come in alignment with personal ambition and values.

Tim is a Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) teacher, a certified coach, and psychedelic advocate, educator and guide.

He is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Tools Of Awareness, a personal development center focussed on combining psychedelics and mindfulness to grow personal and interpersonal awareness though (online) courses and retreats.

Furthermore, he founded Psychedelic Experience, an online non-profit platform for information surrounding psychedelic substances. It’s a community based non-profit organization, created by and for psychedelic and plant medicine communities.

His personal interests are technology, meditation, metaphysical and eastern philosophies, shamanism and the healing power of nature and plants


About the author

Tim Cools