PEX#1 Miriam van Groen – Guild Of Guides

Written by Tim Cools

In this episode, Tim Cools talks with Miriam van Groen, the founder of Guided Tripping and the Guild Of Guides, about the guided psychedelic experience.

  • The importance of preparation, guidance and integration.
  • Guided Tripping
  • The Psychedelic landscape in the Netherlands
  • Guild Of Guides
  • Medicalization Of Psychedelics
  • Psychedelic Guiding Training

About Miriam van Groen

Miriam used to be a university teacher, skills trainer, and student coach until she had a burnout. Since her recovery, she has been combining her love of personal growth with the potent states and processes psychedelics can bring on. She founded Guided Tripping, which currently has 8 guides and therapists offering 1-on-1 support for people’s journeys and their integration. She is a founding member of the Guild of Guides Netherlands, a professional association for facilitators of legal psychedelic experiences.



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