PEX#0 – Tim Cools – The Psychedelic Experience

Written by Tim Cools

In this episode, Carmen talks with Tim Cools, the founder of Psychedelic Experience and legal psychedelic coach/guide in the Netherlands, about the psychedelic experience and the psychedelic experience website.

  • The psychedelic experience website
  • What is the psychedelic experience
  • Different psychedelics and possible effects
  • Ego death and the mystical experience
  • The new wave of psychedelic research
  • Different ways to reach the psychedelic experiences
  • The legal status of psychedelics in Europe
  • Traditional use of psychedelics
  • Alcohol in our society
  • How are psychedelics used
  • How long does the experience last
  • Difference between 1-1 and group settings
  • Where to go for the psychedelic experience
  • Rational vs shamanic approach
  • The intake process and the preparation
  • It’s a tool, not a silver bullet
  • The importance of preparation and integration
  • Set and setting
  • Bad trips vs difficult experiences
  • Work with difficult experiences and emotions
  • What to expect during the psychedelic experience
  • Problems with psychedelic providers
  • The psychedelic experience website

About Tim Cools

Tim is a psychedelic integration specialist and legal psychedelic guide. He facilitates powerful, life-changing experiences for professionals, to help their professional lives come in alignment with personal ambition and values.

Tim is a Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) teacher, a certified coach, and psychedelic advocate, educator and guide.

He is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Tools Of Awareness, a personal development center focussed on combining psychedelics and mindfulness to grow personal and interpersonal awareness though (online) courses and retreats.

Furthermore, he founded Psychedelic Experience, an online non-profit platform for information surrounding psychedelic substances. It’s a community based non-profit organization, created by and for psychedelic and plant medicine communities.

His personal interests are technology, meditation, metaphysical and eastern philosophies, shamanism and the healing power of nature and plants

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Tim Cools