Integration Circles

Welcome to the PEx Integration Circle,

You’re invited to our online integration circles! So what is an integration circle? If you are looking for a place to discuss, explore and share your psychedelic experiences, this is for you. Our circles are informal gatherings of like-minded people to support our exploration in the psychedelic and plant medicines community. Each circle lasts for 90 minutes and consists of a maximum of 25 people from around the world. We will be meeting the first Wednesday and third Tuesday of each month. For now, all circles are virtual. Once you’ve registered, you will receive a link by email. We encourage you to remain curious, practice active listening and refrain from advice or judgment. Each circle will have at least one trained facilitator representing Psychedelic Experience.

As confidentiality is a key component to our integration circles we stress that what happens within the integration circle stays in the circle. We ask that you honor and respect each member of the community by not sharing any information that has been discussed during our time together. We encourage you to speak for yourself,own your experiences and refrain from giving advise unless asked for. This is a safe place for expressing yourself and being heard, without judgment.

NOTE: Group Guidelines: Psychedelic substances are illegal in many parts of world and under international law, and PEx Integration Circles has a no solicitation policy; no buying or selling of illegal substance during our events.

Psychedelic Experience invites you to our monthly integration circles:

Duration: 1,5 hours
Maximum participants: 25 people

Guidelines for Participants

  • We listen to one person at a time. When someone is talking, it is their turn to share and the circle listens respectfully and silently. We listen with an open heart and mind. We try to minimize cross talk or one-on-one conversations.  
  • We can choose to invite feedback. When a person is finished sharing, they can choose whether they would like to receive feedback from the circle. The sharer may choose to ask a question of the circle if they would like feedback or advice around a specific issue. 
  • To receive feedback; When someone in the circle raises their hand, the sharer can acknowledge that person. It is also ok to decline feedback from the circle. 
  • We offer supportive feedback that honors the sharer.  Feedback consists of affirmative statements that are thoughtful and centered around the sharer. Questioning of the sharer is not encouraged. If you do want to ask a question, ask first if that is okay with the sharer.
  • Feedback should not sound like advice. We are not here to fix each other, we are here to honor each other’s journeys and encourage self-reflection. 
  • We observe deep confidentiality. Safety is built when we can trust that our words and stories will remain with the people with whom we choose to share, and are not repeated to others without our permission. Simply put, what is said in the circle, stays in the circle.
  • We honour our time together. We will start on time! Once the circle begins, we will not allow others to enter the space. This allows for a safe container to be created and distractions minimized. In addition, please be mindful that each sharer will be asked to adhere to a specified time limit when speaking.