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Do you have experience with one of the many psychedelic organisations worldwide? Share your organisation review and help the community! Sharing reviews helps us to build an image of the organisation's way of working, their intentions and their safety measures. It helps others who think about getting involved with the organisation to decide whether or not it is worth visiting for them
  1. Register on our web-site. You don't have to use your real name if you don't want to.
  2. Find the organisation. If you can't find the organisation please add it yourself!
  3. Click the Write a review link and write an honest and authentic review about the experience you had with the organisation.
Following rules apply when submitting a review:
  • The review should be honest and based on a real experience with the organisation.
  • The review should be written in a respectful way and should not contain harassing language.
  • The center should be operation in a legal way. For obvious reasons we can't accept reviews of underground ceremonies or illegal centers.
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