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Anzelmo Ibogaine Center


Ibogaine hydrochloride, other allopathic medicines as needed.

LocationRosarito, Baja California, Mexico

How to get thereGuests fly into the San Diego or Tijuana airport and our driver picks them up there. We can pick people up from anywhere in a 100 mile radius from Rosarito.

4 single rooms

Transfer from airport is available.

Music that is played during session

Treatments are completely personalized in private rooms. We have playlists to suggest and this can be discussed.

The center has medical facilities available on-siteWe have a doctor on-site during treatments, as well as a nurse and paramedic. Our facility is equipped with screening instruments as well as emergency response instruments such as heart monitors, manual defibrillators, and a complete crash cart according to the Clinical Guidelines for Ibogaine-Assisted Detoxification.

The center has medical facilities available nearbyThere is a fully equipped emergency room within a 10 minute drive from the center for any medical emergencies that we are not equipped to manage on-site.

The center has a psychological therapist available on-siteWe have a psychologist on-site that meets with patients several times during the 7-10 days of their stay. Sessions involve dialect therapy and relapse prevention strategies, and can include other specific treatment if required/requested.

The center conducts an intake processOur intake coordinators discuss the treatment in-depth. We have a thorough application that covers aspects of personal and medical history, which is reviewed by our physician and psychologist. We conduct further medical screening on-site when guests arrive including blood tests, electrocardiograms, etc.

The center provides a follow up integration processWe provide access to integration coaches and psychotherapists that are very well versed in working with patients post-ibogaine. These sessions take place over the phone or video conferencing.

The center provides ceremonies for personal developmentWe provide psychological treatment for psychospiritual development. These are low on ceremonial content, however we make space to support personal practices surrounding the treatment.

The center provides treatment for psychological disordersWe regularly provide treatment for depression, anxiety, and trauma. Other treatments can be discussed, however a few psychological diagnoses may be exclusion criteria for our treatment.

The center provides treatment for addictionsWe provide ibogaine-assisted detox for various kinds of chemical and behavioral dependencies, particularly in order to mitigate withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This is our primary focus and expertise.

Thom Leonard, the owner, has been working with ibogaine since 2016. The medical team is composed of a doctor, nurse and paramedic. Our paramedic, primary emergency intervention care, has over 12 years of treatment experience. The doctor and nurse have over a year each of ibogaine treatment experience.

Sustainable projectsFor every treatment that we conduct at Anzelmo we contribute to the planting of 3 trees in its endemic habitat or indigenous communities in Gabon through an organization called Blessings of the Forest.

The center accommodates private ceremonies with a single participant

Maximum 4 persons per group

Maximum 1 participants per facilitator.

The facilitator stays during session.

Someone who stays sober is present during ceremonies.

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