About psychedelic experience

About psychedelic experience

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The Psychedelic Experience Team

One-stop-shop web resource surrounding psychedelics

  • Online community by and for beginning and experienced psychonauts.
  • Promote safe use of psychedelics by providing scientific, responsible information.
  • Privacy is a top-priority. Users have full control over what is public and what isn’t.

Psychedelic experiences journal

  • Keep a private journal of your psychedelic experiences.
  • Share your experiences with your friends or the community. Reports are peer-reviewed by community to ensure quality.
  • Integrate your experiences by discussing them with fellow psychonauts and professional therapists.
  • Advanced search functionality by substance and keywords. Anonymous statistics can beused for scientific research.

Global organisations directory

  • A community managed global directory of organisations related to psychedelic experiences.
  • Connect people with honest organisations to stay updated on meetings, events and retreats.
  • Collect reviews by the community to create an unbiased image of the organisations.
  • Promote sustainable projects to help indigenous communities.
  • Issue warnings for organisations linked to abuse or dishonesty.