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Reviewed by Iustina 2 years ago


I participated in the retreat recently and it has been the most profound experience in my life. First of all I consider the team to be very professional: they create the right environment and they manage to guide each of the participants through the journey according to their needs. I felt a lot of care and trust during the days of the event, which helped me relax and surrender to the experience. There is a lot of attention on set and setting, which for such an experience is very important in order to be able to take the most out of the psychedelic trip. Second, the experience itself is beautiful and extremely valuable for self discovery. I have been able to deep dive into various aspects of my life and have got really useful learnings. This has helped me to learn new things about me and gave me the tools to continue my personal development. After the trip I learned what is the feeling of awe and transcendence, and has helped me look at life with different eyes: a really amazing thing! Even if the retreat happened almost 2 months ago, I do still have insights and learnings and I feel that my growth has been boosted significantly. I do intend to repeat the experience if I need it in the future, and I would only do it with Essence team. I fully recommend the retreat and Essence Institute.

Participants in ceremony: 10

Facilitators in ceremony: 3

Participants per Facilitator: 3.3333333333333335


A really peaceful and beautiful place, in a forest.


Simple, but very clean.


Amazing facilitators, I appreciate a lot the work they have done in order to help us have a profound and insightful experience, as well as ensure that we are safe and we have a good experience.


It’s simply incredible the power of the truffles.


When I think about the event, often I feel and felt during the retreat 1 important thing which I believe says a lot: TRUST.


Could not have felt more safe and cared for.


The homework was very useful to get us prepared, but also the briefing email with recommendations of what to eat before the event, what books and articles to read, what videos to watch, how to dress up, etc….I liked a lot the organisation and the preparation.I believe this is the reason why the experience has been so powerful, because I spent a lot of time on preparation.

Booking process

Very straightforward.

Follow up integration

After the retreat, first days I was in a total feeling of awe: developed new habits, new rituals and was so peaceful and grateful. 10 days after, I kind of landed into real life and have started the work to integrate the learnings from the truffles in the real life. It’s a fun work to do after such retreat, and every now and then I have new insights which help me move forward.I really like the integration, it’s not always nice and there are days when things don’t work as good as in teh first days after the retreat, but there is a visible improvement in my life.

Visited Friday, April 23rd 2021

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