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5 Reasons to Join an Online Psychedelic Community


As a species, humans thrive on social interaction. The evolution of the human race has been shaped by our need to live with and alongside each other. One theory suggests that the reason that humans have such large brains is that we need them in order to navigate our complex social structures. We’ve evolved from wandering tribes of hunter-gatherers, to permanent farming settlements, to modern-day cities and a truly globalized society. But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed – our innate desire to feel part of a community. Despite living in an ever more connected world, it can be difficult to maintain a sense of togetherness. This is perhaps why online community platforms such as Discord have become so popular.

If you’ve never heard of Discord, it’s a text and voice communications platform, originally created for gamers to meet and chat. Over the last few years, it has surged in popularity and it has become one of the most used free communications platforms, not just for gamers. On Discord, users can create what’s known as a “server” which is accessible to anyone with an invitation link. Inside the server, there are various channels where users can discuss different topics.

Psychedelic Experience has launched a new Discord server – a dedicated space for budding and experienced psychonauts to meet, share experiences, swap tips, and discuss the latest hot topics in the world of plant medicine. It’s free and everyone is welcome! You can join the community on Discord by clicking here.

On our brand new Psychedelic Experience server, you can find channels focused on topics like microdosing, integration, scientific research, psychedelic news, and more!

The psychedelic renaissance has led to an explosion in demand for trustworthy resources and information. Unfortunately, entheogens are still outlawed in most countries around the world, making it much more difficult to have open and frank discussions about these amazing substances. 

Access to a casual and open forum can be extremely valuable to anyone interested in psychedelics. Here are five reasons why you should join the Psychedelic Experience Discord server today!

The Psychedelic Experience community is the perfect place to share stories about your explorations and to hear them firsthand from fellow psychonauts. Throughout history, humans have bonded by sharing stories around a campfire. Sharing stories has always been a vitally important part of our relationships, and our communities. As the philosopher Yuval Noah Harari said: 

“In truth the lives of most people have meaning only within the network of stories they tell one another.”

   ― Yuval Noah Harari, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow

The 21st century has witnessed the campfire’s unseating by the Discord server for many but the fundamental need is unchanged. 

Before embarking on a psychedelic experience, it’s important to prepare. Knowing what to expect when using psychedelics can drastically improve your chances of a positive, life-affirming experience. No two psychedelic experiences are the same – there can be amazing beauty and blissful euphoria – but there can also be difficult and challenging experiences. This is why preparation is so important. What better way is there to prepare, than to learn everything you need to know through conversations with a community of experienced psychonauts?

After a psychedelic journey, integration is just as important as the preparation before it. Psychedelics can lead us to profound personal insights and a complete shift in our perspective of the world. To be able to realize the benefits of these changes, it’s important to give ourselves time for integration. One way to integrate is to talk about our experiences – about what we’ve learned and how we can implement our learnings in our daily lives. By joining an online community of psychedelic enthusiasts, you get the opportunity to talk through your experiences. This is a great way to process your insights so you can integrate them into your life. 

Psychonauts need a safe space to meet like-minded people. With so much stigma and misinformation around psychedelics in society, it’s not easy to find people who are on the same wavelength. Things are improving, but until the world fully wakes up to the wonder of plant medicine, psychonauts will always have the global online community at Psychedelic Experience.

Many people say that their psychedelic trips are among the most significant experiences in their lives. In terms of profundity, psychedelic experiences are often rated alongside the birth of a child or the death of a loved one. The prohibition of psychedelics criminalizes access to one of the most important human experiences we can have. The majority of people who advocate for psychedelics do so because they know first-hand the lasting benefits that they can have on mental health, relationships and our wider communities. By coming together as a community, we can stand in solidarity as advocates for these powerful, life-changing tools.

So come and check out the Psychedelic Experience community, a safe space for like-minded psychonauts! At PEx, our mission is to support and facilitate global healing and personal growth through safe, responsible and legal use of plant medicines and psychedelic-assisted treatments. You can become a part of this movement by joining our community today.

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